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Silver will turn black? How to clean it?

Why Silver turn black?

I give you direct answer is Yes ,Silver will be turn black after we wearing the jewelry for along time because silver when it kept in the area that had moisture of temperature or when it touch the sweat from your body for sometime silver will turn to black.

Silver reacts with sulphur compounds such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S) present in air. and In the human body when we has sweat the sodium chloride,Magnesium, Potassium,and some acid from sweat will react with silver.

The phenomenon is called corrosion and, for silver in particularly, is called tarnishing. The black substance formed is silver sulphide.

Silver sulphide on the jewelry can clean it with many solution.

We give the solution for clean ti in this blog you can read it below:

How To Clean when silver turn black.

Easily, i will help you don't be worry!

Try one of this solution.

1. Used Dishwashing Liquid (Sunrise) mixed with warm water and soft brush clean it on the black area.Clean it softly don't scratch it too hard. you will get new jewelry. 

2. Used  Silver cleaning solution kit which available in the market.

3. Used Silver polishing cloth.

4. Used Chinese face powder just put a little bit powder on the soft cloth and wipe on the silver jewelry.





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